Pet Handling



Oxfordjet is pleased to offer pet handling services for customers travelling with their furry friends and for approved AOC aircraft operators under the UK Animal Health PETS travel scheme.

Dogs and cats that are microchipped and have pet passports, that also meet the required travelling criteria, can enter the UK from Europe and other parts of the world when travelling from countries that participate in the PETS acceptance scheme.  Oxfordjet are pleased to look after clearance arrangements for these pets and screen them on arrival to the UK to ensure that all required entry criteria are satisfied.  Checking of your pet is carried out on the aircraft, before disembarkation and an entry certificate will be issued.  Hassle free, pet friendly and safe – what more could the discerning private jet pet ask for?

Note: the PETS program is administered in the UK by Animal Health (DEFRA) and Oxfordjet is an approved airport under this scheme, able to accept compliant pets into the UK under strict animal importation regulations.  Numerous pre-determining requirements must be satisfied and Oxfordjet is here to help with those details and must-have’s in order to ensure problem free travel for your pet. 

We can also assist you with arrangement of travel by aircraft for you and your pet with approved aircraft operator partners who can fly pets happily and safely.  Approved aircraft operators and those looking to fly pets into the UK at Oxfordjet. should contact us for more information and details on how to apply.

Requirements of the PETS program are regulated and implemented in the UK by Animal Health and DEFRA only

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