Catering of distinction

For the finest gourmet cuisine served in the skies, delivered fresh for every flight and tailored by highly trained chefs to the customer’s exact discerning taste and preference of in-flight menu, look no further than Oxfordjet. Whether it’s a little extra spice on a Cajun chicken salad, freshly baked bread with sun-dried tomato but just a light infusion of herb, shellfish so fresh they taste like they’ve just arrived from the Atlantic coast, or a soufflé so perfectly baked it melts in the mouth … let us arrange your specific selection of fine in-flight catering

Oxfordjet has preferred caterers off-site for in-flight dining options and on-site for conference and meeting venue arrangements. All our catering partners are carefully selected for their attention to detail, their use of the freshest ingredients, innovative menu suggestions and ability to match every request to an exquisitely prepared and beautifully presented culinary success.

Contact us with your requirements and we will find an excellent in-flight catering solution for you without delay