Coutts Silk MasterCard

Exciting flight solutions for COUTTS SILK MasterCard CLIENTS

At Oxfordjet we are passionate about bringing the exclusivity and pleasure of private flying to the fore, whether for business or pleasure, making the planning, joining and duration of your journey all the more enjoyable and knowing that every attention to detail has been thought about and is in hand, so you can sit back and relax. No queues. No hassle. Discrete and sophisticated handling at the airport, on arrival and departure, the very best and safest aircraft to fly in, with attentive onboard service, and an aircraft carefully chosen to suit you and your companions needs – be it a board meeting at 38,000ft, or a champagne breakfast with friends and loved ones to start a memorable vacation trip – and all the baggage allowance you need, even for skis, surfboards or golf clubs.

This is not a luxury reserved only for movie stars – as a Coutts client you are able to enjoy this relaxing and rewarding world of simply enjoyable flying pleasure yourself. Oxfordjet is pleased to be partnered with MasterCard in delivering private flight solutions as part of its Privileges Programme for Coutts clients, worldwide. Whether for a romantic beach-side break in Portofino, or St Tropez, attending the opera in Verona, skiing at your favourite mountain retreat high in the Alps or the Rockies, or making a business trip with colleagues less hassle and more productive, you can count on Oxfordjet to get you there. With a private flight solution, on leisure or business, with your Coutts Silk status you can fly where you want, when you want, avoiding restrictive airline timetables.

Plus, as a Coutts client, you’re entitled to additional and enhanced benefits throughout your journey, from a complimentary helicopter transfer or limousine collection at home or office, where available, to bespoke in-flight catering, special offers and guaranteed last minute aircraft availability. All of this delivered by our astute and highly professional charter planners and service experts, for which award-winning Oxfordjet is renowned … we even offer our very own private VIP terminal to all customers departing and arriving at London Oxford Airport … your 5-star gatweay to hassle-free travel where you can relax in spacious and serene lounges before or after the flight, just a stone’s throw from central London.

Oxfordjet is delighted to offer the finest private flight solutions in conjunction with leading partner providers including VistaJet and XO Jet, operating state-of-the art, highly reliable and efficient aircraft types.

To organise the trip of your choice, to enquire about prices and book with your Coutts MasterCard:

E-mail us on and simply include the words ”Coutts” in your e-mail. Remember to include your preferred departure and arrival points, outward and inward travel dates where round-trip, and also the number of passengers, any special requirements such as skis or golf clubs. We’re here to help!

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