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Your own private flight, whether for an individual business trip, an escape to the sun, ski slopes, or taking a group of colleagues or conference delegates to an important convention, is often the most convenient and productive way to travel. Having an aircraft of your choice, available at the times of your choice and flying exactly where you need to be can be both cost-effective and highly efficient, as well as relaxing and comfortable – avoiding the lengthy queues associated with airline travel, large commercial airports, on limited routes and timetables.

There’s no better solution than to arrive exactly where you need to, a stone’s throw from your hotel, the convention centre your attending, or the private villa on the white sand beach of your choice. Let Oxfordjet help you take the strain out of international travel and commercial flying, allow us to locate the aircraft most suited to your requirements from one of our aircraft partners or our very own in-house fleet of ultra-modern brand new Embraer executive jets.

Private Jet – the ultimate business or leisure convenience

From our very own boutique jets for four, the ultra-modern and technologically state-of-the-art Embraer Phenom with its smart sports car interior, speed in the air and impressive range to all manner of European destinations, to a larger 6, 8 or even 10-plus seater offering sofa-type comfort and lounge-like ambience. For any trip within the UK, to Europe, North Africa or the near Middle East, we can propose aircraft solutions that meet your criteria exactly, with the convenience and comfort of departure directly from Oxfordjet’s lounge-side boarding area. You can even see the aircraft being prepared for flight just steps from the window as you relax with a glass of champagne or catch up on pressing business calls.

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Large Jet Charter – for longer haul flying, how you want, when you want

Should your travels require you to get to fly to the Middle East, Russia, or further afield to Asia, Africa or the Americas, you may require the services of a large jet charter. We can advise on flight solutions for a small corporate group to Honolulu, or a larger sporting party to Saint Lucia, even a business delegation to the Indian sub-continent. Please let us know, our range of available aircraft options include our very own super-advanced Embraer Legacy 600 jet, offering regional airliner scale and space from which to work or relax in-flight, with ultra-efficient business jet capability, landing on short runways in difficult-to-reach locations worldwide, as well as overnight flying comfort and generous hold baggage space – seats up to 13

No matter how sizeable your group, allow Oxfordjet to find a solution, we have up to 14-seat lounge-style capacity Dornier 328 Envoy jet aircraft based on-site, up to 19-seat regional airliners configured for private business-class travel, or even 46-seat airliners such as the British Aerospace Avro “ABJ” offering all First Class comfort with small airport capability and unparalleled operational performance.

Passenger Airline Charters – a larger capacity aircraft, for your own private use

No matter how sizeable your group, whether it’s a sports club, a music group, a corporate delegation, school, ski club or even a choir, please let us know. We can work to your requirements, schedule, available budget and preferred itinerary to find aircraft ranging from 19-seat commuter aircraft, to 30 or 50 seat large regional jets and turboprops such as the high-speed Saab 2000, right up to 80 or 120-seater passenger airliners that will fly your group when you want and where you want, for conferences or private tours, from the ultra fuel-efficient Bombardier Q400 to the high-performance and super quiet BAe146 or Avro Regional Jetliner.

All our private passenger aircraft partners have reliable and well-maintained aircraft which when chartered privately include cabin crew to look after your every comfort onboard and can be catered with specific in-flight menus of your choice or even carry your company logo and brand – let us know what works best for you

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