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Findlay Chauffeurs opens at London Oxford Airport ready for Olympics

June 17th, 2012

June, 2012 – Oxford-based premier ground transportation firm, Findlay Chauffeur Service, has expanded its UK presence with the opening of a new base at London Oxford Airport, the UK’s fastest growing business aviation airport.

The move to open the new base follows hard on the heels of the successful launch of daily scheduled flights to Jersey and the Isle of Man from London Oxford Airport. Findlay Chauffeurs’ new airport office will complement the company’s existing base in the centre of Oxford.

In addition to its existing VIP chauffeur services, the company has recently enhanced its offering with a new shuttle bus service linking London Oxford Airport with the city centre and the train station. The scheduled shuttle bus service (www.oxfordairportshuttle.com) operates seven days a week timed to coincide with the new daily scheduled flights to Jersey and the Isle of Man.

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An airport with a vibrant history and a big future

June 11th, 2012

The Oxford Times

by Tom Jones – Thursday 31st May 2012

IT was bombed during the war, was the location of a mysterious disappearance and was used by Sir Winston Churchill.

London Oxford Airport, near Kidlington, has a rich and vibrant 80-year history and in September that will be celebrated with nostalgic air show Fly to the Past.

The airport now employs 800 people and offers daily commercial flights to Jersey and the Isle of Man, but it was once a military airfield.

It opened in 1935, after Oxford City Council bought the land from the Blenheim estate and two farmers for £19,671, but was requisitioned by the RAF in 1939.

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Cruise and snooze through London Oxford!

October 24th, 2011

New crew snooze room opened

Oxfordjet has inmplemented its first dedicated relaxation and sleep area for passing air crew, where you can unwind, relax and catch some zzzz’s in absolute privacy. The twin occupancy facility is located within the Oxfordjet FBO and includes access to the VIP shower and reinvigoration area, stocked with well known shower products, plus a trouser press for getting those uniform creases out, lazy-boy chair, hairdryer, complimetary wifi and use of all FBO crew facilities.

Tucked away in a quiet part of the FBO terminal, you’re guaranteed to get some sleep on day-stay layovers at OXF! Just ask for availability … customerservices@oxfordjet.com

Oxfordjet embraces updated Pet Travel Scheme

July 27th, 2011

From 01 January 2012, it will become cheaper and easier to travel abroad with pets when new rules are introduced.�� The UK will harmonise its pet movement rules with the rest of the EU, bringing the UK’s Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) into line with the most recent European-wide pet importation regulatory expectations. 

PETS is the control measure to prevent rabies and other diseases entering the UK via the importation of pets.  Domestic pets have previously had to spend six months in quarantine when arriving in the UK, a practice dating from the 1800s – this was changed for certain EU nations and other approved countries with the implementation of tick & tapeworm treatment requirements under PETS alongside the pet passport programme, but some of this will no longer be necessary.  All pets will still need to be vaccinated against rabies, but tick treatments before flying in to the UK will no longer be required and tapeworm treatments are still undecided at EU level but are also potentially to be dropped.  This will cease the need for a trip to the overseas vet before returning to the UK with your pet and applies to all EU and approved countries.  The rules on quarantine periods for pets arriving from other nations will also change, no more six month quarantine period and a general shortening of the time between which a rabies vaccine must be administered to the pet, the need for a blood test and the time before which the pet can enter the UK.

Oxfordjet is the only business aviation centre for the North or West of London region with full DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) Approval.  Owners of dogs and cats can transport them on flights into the Airport from overseas on approved aircraft operators only.  An increasing number of operators are signing up the scheme as they see the flexibility of the PETS quarantine exemption process of critical benefit to their service offering.

With a dedicated pet handling team trained to process the paperwork and to meet and greet pets and their owners/handlers on arrival to undertake necessary pre-disembarkation checks, Oxfordjet provides a hassle-free option for anyone wishing to travel with their furry friends.  Flights with pets onboard can also be cleared through Oxford for onwards travel elsewhere into the UK and beyond to Ireland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man where restrictions do not apply to pets imported via the UK.

London Oxford Airport, located outside the congested London Terminal Movement Area (LTMA) is ideally positioned as a viable choice for London.  Located just 40 miles to the north west of the Greater London area and with easy access via the UK’s motorway network, Oxford is served by the fastest and least congested of London’s key arterial routes – it’s just an hour’s drive into London’s West End.  The airport’s standard opening hours are 06:30 to 22:30, seven days.

Oxfordjet runway at London Oxford upgraded to Code 3C

January 27th, 2011

6th January 2011 – London Oxford Airport’s runway has now been reclassified as Code 3C following extensive works to relocate navigational aids, remove obstacles both upon the airfield and on the approaches and enhance the clear and graded strips either side of the runway.

Although the physical length of the paved runway (1552m) has remained unchanged for well over two decades, albeit both strengthened and widened in 2007, the licensed (or declared) length has been limited to that permitted by its prior classification as a Code 2C runway (and pre 2007 Code 2B) – 1319m (with UK CAA 10% dispensation).

Code 3C status applies to runways with declared take-off distances (TODA or ASDA) of between 1200m and 1799m with widths from 30m to 45m. In practical terms, it permits the commercial operation of aircraft with wing spans up to, but not including 36m (118ft). It also permits consideration being given to the use of available paved starter extensions beyond the thresholds, subject to the 1799m overall limit.

James Dillon-Godfray, Business Development Director noted ‘This shows our ongoing commitment to enhancing the capabilities of the airfield and giving operators an environment which allows for their diversification, business growth and positive evolution at what is the only commercial airport between Heathrow and Birmingham.’

Ultimately, this potentially improves aircraft capabilities out of the airport with increased range or passenger loads, whilst signifying an overall safer environment in terms of obstacle avoidance and clear areas either side of the runway.

Oxfordjet hosts largest UK-based VIP jet

November 29th, 2010

 Largest UK-based VIP jet arrives at London Oxford Airport

An Embraer Lineage 1000 jet touched down at London Oxford Airport today, 26 November, becoming the largest aircraft to land in the airfield’s 73-year history.  ����������������������������������The aircraft flew in from the Spanish island of Gran Canaria where it made an overnight stop while on delivery from the manufacturer in Brazil, to its new home at Oxford.

This particular aircraft is configured in a VIP layout, with plush executive features, but as an airliner in passenger service the super-efficient E-jet 190 typically carries 98 passengers, at 118ft in length.  This Lineage is being managed by locally-based business jet company Hangar8 Plc, one of the UK’s largest jet charter and management operators which recently floated on the stock market and is available for charter.

The aircraft is equipped with the latest electronic fly-by-wire control system and boasts a range of over 4,400 nautical miles (8,149 kilometers).  This means it is able to fly nonstop from London Oxford Airport to Dubai.   Despite its size, the Embraer E190 has excellent airfield performance, very capable of operating into shorter runways such as London City and London Oxford, which have similar runway capability. 

London Oxford Airport Business Development Director, James Dillon-Godfray said: “The arrival of this jet today highlights just how far the airport has developed in recent years with consistent investment in our infrastructure and facilities.   We have had the ability to handle aircraft with up to 100 seats for the last couple of years with enhanced fire and rescue capabilities and regularly welcomed the Bombardier Q400 last year.  With the arrival of the Lineage, Oxford can now compete with established London-centric airports as a viable alternative with distinct benefits in terms of convenience, access and costs.”

David Surley, Head of Customer Services and Route Development commented: “We have opened the doors to regional airliner turboprops on scheduled and charter flights and attracted business and leisure travellers to the region – on holiday and for conferences and events.  The experience for our passengers using a smart and convenient, friendly and compact regional airport is a world apart from the stress of other airports around London and the south.” 

Highlighting the opportunity to E-190 customers and other regional jet operators, he added:  “This opens the door for us to develop relationships with a wider range of European airlines that fly E-Jets on short haul routes that residents and businesses in the  region have stated would be a significant enabler to economic growth and travel convenience.  The E-Jet is ideal for northern and central Europe, Spain and the Med direct from Oxford.  The aircraft is very quiet and super-efficient,”he added.

The E190/195 is the largest jet in the Embraer family of aircraft.   In the UK the aircraft is successfully flying with British Airways CityFlyer and Flybe. 







Caption:  David Surley, Head of Customer Services and Route Development and Customer Services Representative Leah Bruton by the new Lineage 1000

Watch the Oxfordjet video here:


Editor�����s Notes:

London Oxford Airport is wholly owned by the Reuben Brothers. The Reuben Brothers’ investment activities include private equity and real estate ownership and development. Investments are predominantly based in the United Kingdom and Europe. Businesses include shopping centres, mixed use commercial real estate, data centres, public houses, hotels and development projects.

London Oxford Airport is ideally positioned as a viable choice for London beyond Heathrow, primarily targeting the north-west of the capital and the Thames Valley region.   More than five million people reside within an hour’s drive of the airport with no other commercial airports within easy reach.  Located just 40 miles (64km) from Greater London and with easy access via the M40 motorway, Oxford is served by the fastest and least congested of London’s key arterial routes.  Chiltern Railways has also committed to a new rail link connecting Oxford and Marylebone Station, creating a new station for Kidlington (Oxford Airport’s location) with regular services taking just 58 minutes.

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New Oxfordjet incentive for US, Canadian and Caribbean operators

October 15th, 2010

Having radically enhanced handling capabilities at London Oxford Airport in recent years, Oxfordjet has launched a new incentive deal to transcontinental operators to consider the UK’s leading new FBO����when accessing London.  Oxfordjet’s ‘150’ Deal is offered to first time visitors from North America and guarantees the lowest costs for access to the capital by private jet.  A package offering airport costs, hire cars, chauffeur cars, five star hotels and even optional helicopter shuttles to or from the city centre all tie-in with flat rates at US Dollar or UK Sterling costs starting from US$150 (£100) per unit, trip, day or week.

Compared with other ‘London’ alternatives, Oxfordjet offers the lowest cost aircraft parking rates, having recently constructed a further 17,800m2 (4.4 acres) of apron. Indeed compared with some alternatives, for the same costs of parking a Global or Gulfstream for more than two days, one can both park at Oxford and have a helicopter shuttle in or out of the city centre at a lower cost.  New hangarage is also available for secure housing for aircraft up to Lineage or Airbus A318 size.  Most of the larger transatlantic types including the Falcon 7X, Gulfstream 550 and Globals can comfortably utilise London Oxford’s 1552m runway, built in 2007, whilst opening hours are notably better than several London options.

Oxfordjet Manager, David Surley, highlighted ‘We are beginning to see more transatlantic traffic today since we enhanced ground services to cater for the larger jets, but there is still a tendency for those to stick with the commercial hubs when here they have a far swifter and easier experience at notably lower costs, yet with no compromise at all on level of service.  This incentive deal is to get some of those transatlantic operators and North American flight planning organisations thinking about London Oxford and giving Oxfordjet a try for the first time’.

The key features of the ‘150����������� deal are:

For US or Canadian-originated and any transatlantic operations (aircraft over 16 tonnes MTOW to G550/Global size), first time visitors, we offer:

The Oxfordjet ‘150’ Deal – Less Pain, More Pleasure!

  • Landing fee at just US$150 (£100) – 16-45 tonnes MTOW
  • Handling at US$150 (£100) – zero charge for empty positioning
  • Parking at US$150 (£100)/day up to a week (longer periods – POA)
  • Crew accommodation in Oxford’s five star Randolph Hotel at US$150 (£100)/night incl. breakfast & VAT
  • London accommodation in five star comfort for £150/night incl. breakfast & VAT
  • Crew Hire Car from US$150 (£100)/week or £15/day (under 5 days) – on-site Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • VIP chauffeur-driven car to/from London – S-Class Mercedes or Phaeton at US$150 (£100)
  • Helicopter shuttle option from £1500 to downtown London (The London Heliport or financial district) from 23 minutes – costs less than some other London airport���s daily aircraft parking rates

Lowest London access costs guaranteed, plus:

  • Outside congested London Terminal Movement Area (LTMA) airspace for ease of access – no slots, typically just 50 landings/day
  • London via M40 highway – fastest London arterial road with least congestion, 1 hr to London���s west end (or 23 mins via helicopter)
  • Use of award-winning VIP FBO terminal – www.oxfordjet.com
  • Customs & Immigration advance pre-checking for swiftest access
  • On-site Challenger, Global, Hawker, Falcon maintenance support
  • ARINC ground station at OXF for GLOBALink service
  • 06:30 – 22:30 standard hours, 7 days – better than FAB or BQH     

Note: Subject to 48 hr pre-notification, room/vehicle availability and valid through to April 2011. UK equiv. Sterling prices as shown apply, airport fees excl. VAT. Offer subject to minimum 500 litres fuel uplift during visit. Second visit, published fees apply. All other services as per published rates. Quote ‘150’ Deal in any correspondence.

See: www.londonoxfordairport.com for all airfield data or call/fax/email as per below. Download summary here.

To book-in for the ‘150’ Deal, contact Oxfordjet at customerservices@oxfordjet.com or call us on +44 1865 290 600


August 10th, 2010

Oxfordjet is pleased to be accepting pets under the UK Animal Health PETS travel scheme

For more information on bringing your furry friends into the UK, please let us know on pets@oxfordjet.com

London Oxford Airport invests £2.2m in construction

August 4th, 2010

London Oxford Airport has announced it will invest £2.2m in new high-strength apron to increase aircraft capacity. The airport will also build three new large hangars to enable it to compete with other London airports. “The apron development represents a considerable enhancement of capacity and infrastructure development which will effectively double the parking capacity at the airport for aircraft weighing up to 50 tonnes,” explained London Oxford Airport Business Development Director James Dillon-Godfray. “On a busy day we can sometimes be stretched for space, but now Oxford Airport will be able to accommodate far more aircraft, for visiting operators and based residents, at rates that represent better value than most of our London-centric airport peers.”